Event Inquiry

Let's face it, not everyone is suited for event planning.  It takes a special someone to enjoy the stress of putting on a show.  I think I became a party planner when I was 15.  I planned my best friend's surprise birthday party and loved it.  I was sad once her birthday was over.  I have always loved putting on an event or show.  Whether it was a friend's wedding or a date party in college, I've been a little party planner for most of my life.  Now I enjoy putting on events for companies and organizations!  And no, I don't do weddings - only for close friends.  Sorry.

I’ve always considered myself a Jack (or Jill) of All Trades… But when I started Eventful Marketer I wanted to focus on the things I love most and do best.  Event Planning is not only my passion, but I truly enjoy doing it.  I love the rush. I love the details and most of all, I love making my clients and organizations happy, profitable and successful.  So here is what I can do for you!      

Event Planning & Production

National Events / Conferences / Galas

  • GM/Director Conferences
  • Vendor Conferences
  • Internal/Employee meetings or corporate events
  • Charity Fundraisers / Galas / Dinners & Auctions

Local Events / LSM / Activation

  • Local team events
  • Marketing promotions and LSM planning
  • ​Sports Activation

Event Production and Shows

  • Fashion Shows / Contests
  • Benefit Concerts / Live Shows
  • TV Product Integrations

Eventful Marketer can do everything from planning and ideation to execution and post analysis.  Or if you just need some help with a portion of your event I can step in as a freelance team member.     

Event Planning is not for everyone...